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I hope you can join us on some of our adventures! We had great success in the past decade with the Argentina Adventurer, trekking to two of the basecamps of Aconcagua ( Plaza de Mulas and Plaza de Francia ) and running climbs/treks in Nepal, Russia and Tanzania.

Updates: Since 2009 South Col Adventures will be focusing on value-added corporate and expedition consulting. Contact us for all your outdoor and adventure related teambuilding and adventure-based learning requirements

Sinan Halic and Faye Lee, summit, Mt Ararat, Aug11th, 2001

We had 100% successes on Mount Ararat in Turkey with the whole team summitting on August 11th, 2001, via a more direct route from the south; and on Mount Elbrus (twice) and Kilimanjaro (twice). Dispatches are on the http://www.everest.org.sg website.

Do let us know your requirements as we will be able to customise your itinerary and well as suggest options for your adventure. On track are exciting climbing/ trekking programmes in Iran, Kazakstan and Argentina; including spectacular horse riding itineraries.

The perennial Nepal ' trekking peaks' intineraries are also popular and we get inquiries often on possible ascents of Island and Mera Peaks. Our view is that you should get as much experience as possible before attempting a particular objective. Too many climbers are excited and ambitious about climbing peaks a bit beyond their skill or experience level. Let us help you make an informed decision.

Contact us for a full brief and inclusions/exclusions list. For those keen on other business areas, details of my books Mountain To Climb, How Leaders Lead and Against Giants can be found below as well as corporate leadership and teambuilding courses, and motivational presentations under Everest Motivation Team Pte Ltd.

David Lim,
Expedition Leader,
South Col Adventures

Khumbu Icefall

About Us

South Col Adventures was formed in July 1997 and specialises in organising customised expeditions, adventure treks and programmes. Our clients include corporations, youth and community groups. South Col Adventures provides expert knowledge and assistance in making your mountain or adventure dreams a reality. Why place your adventure plans in the hands of operators who don't understand the mountains or treat such activities like any other ' package' holiday?

We organise professionally-led expeditions for experienced mountaineers and trekkers .You are part of a team - not a hand-held client. For those still new to the mountains, South Col Adventures can provide the technical assistance and guidance to make your trek or mountain trip an enjoyable one. This does not mean that an expedition runs to complete perfection. An ability to cope with the unexpected, delays and other hardships of an expedition is necessary.

We work with highly experienced outfitters in Nepal and othe countries. Our main Nepal operator, Chomolhari Trekking Pvt Ltd., has over 20 years' experience in dealing with fully organised treks or expeditions. We use similarly experienced operators in Argentina, Kazakstan, Turkey and other destinations.

Expedition leader David Lim has organised and led over 50 alpine and Himalayan climbs in the past 10 years. Recent climbs were successful expeditions to Cho Oyu(1997), Mt Everest ( 1998, 2001 ), TienShan and Aconcagua ( 2000 ), guiding on Elbrus ( 2003 ), solo climbs on Ojos del Salado ( 2005 ) and virgin peaks in the TienShan(2000,2005,2009)

Stop dreaming and take a positive step in fulfilling your ambitions - contact us!

Central Singapore Community Development Council Youth Adventure Programme

A tripartite partnership formed by Central Singapore Community Development Council (CS CDC), the South Col Adventures (SCA) and the Adventure Pursuits Section, PeopleÕs Association (APS). This one-year pilot youth adventure programme (YAP) was conducted by SCA, headed by Chief Facilitator and Singapore Everest team leader David Lim. The YAP project served two main objectives:

a. Focus on creating a more rugged breed of Singaporeans within Central Singapore District through skills acquisition in character-building activities; and

b. To engage Central Singapore CDC residents, particularly the youths (aged 13 to 18) in sporting activities and in the process, channel their positive energies to sports and develop their talents.


The Central Singapore Youth Adventure Programme (YAP) was targeted at teenagers (aged 13 to 18) promoted safe and responsible adventures. Participants accepted into the YAP learned camping, climbing and other adventure skills. Regular keep-fit sessions, slideshows, climbing events and the YAPÕs own "clubhouse" were some of the benefits participants enjoyed. The project came to a close in Dec 2002 with an expedition to Mount Kinabalu ( 4095m ) in East Malaysia

South Col Adventures' Expeditions

Ararat, 5165m, May - Sep

Mount Ararat, on the borders of Turkey and Russia, has fascinated mountaineers for decades. Home of Noah's Ark, this old volcano has attracted it's fair share of Ark hunters, mountaineers and geologists. Ararat was closed for many years to climbers owing to the miltarily sensitive border area but access is now becoming easier. Ararat is Turkey's highest summit. We approach the peak from the Turkish side after travelling across Eastern Anatolia to Dogubayazit, the nearest town. From here, we will attempt the climb after placing one high camp. Crampon, self arrest and basic snow-climbing techniques are essential. Ararat is not a technical peak but cold winds and high altitude make this an excellent choice for climbers interested in making an ascent of this historical peak. You will need to have had some previous snowcraft experience, ideally a one-week technical mountaineering course and some experience climbing/ trekking to 4000metres.

Our journey will encompass a tour of magical Istanbul, followed by a flight into Eastern Anatolia for the climb. We work closely with an experienced Turkish outfitter, who has extensive knowledge of climbing in Turkey.

12 days , from US$1,600. Minimum group size = 4

Also available are 9-day programmes to climb Mt.HASAN (3258m.) and Mt.ERCIYES (3916m.) . This itinerary includes a tour of the best Cappodocian sites. Email us for more details.

Kazak Mountaineer, July/Aug

Visit the Celestial Mountains - Tien Shan. Straddling the borders of Kyrgyzstan and Kazakstan, hundred of peaks remain untrodden in this region. This remote region is populated with nomadic Uigyurs and Kazaks and is close to Chinese Xinjiang. The area is only now gradually being explored by non-Russian mountaineers and has huge potential for adventure trekking, horse treks, mountain biking and of course, mountaineering. Insertion and extraction of the climbing teams will be by helicopter, adding to the remoteness and sense of adventure of these climbs.

Options from 14 - 24 days, Jul /Aug

Kazak Mountaineer a 15-day programme for mountaineering novices to gain confidence at alpine rock climbing, glacier negotiation and snow climbing skills. You will get instruction from excellent Kazak guides and will also make an alpine-style climb at the conclusion of the course. Combine the trip with sightseeing extensions of mysterious Central Asia. A 21-day climbing/ instructional option is also available

Land costs: US$1000 - US$1500, minimum 8 persons. Email us for smaller (or larger groups)

Climbing other objectives such as Khan Tengri, Marble Wall Peak, Pik Pobeda and trekking programmes - please email us

Aconcagua, 6962m, Dec-Feb

Aconcagua, the Stone Sentinel, is the highest summit in the North and South Americas. Located in the high Andes, it is wholly within the borders of Argentina. Its ease of access from Mendoza, the provincial capital, and the non-technical climb via its normal route belies its difficulties. A team attempting to climb this mountain needs all the high mountain camping, tactical and acclimatisation skills that would be needed on any other mountain of this size. The climb is physically very strenuous and you will have knowledge of crampon work, camping skills and have previous high altitude experience on peaks from 5000-6000m.

Approx 24 days, Dec / Jan. Land cost ( excl Buenos-Aires - Mendoza flights ): US$2,600. 14-day adventure trek/ sightseeing options from US$1,500

Damavand, 5671m, June - Aug

Iran's ancient past glories as the kingdom of Persia, it's friendly and hospitable people and stunning natural wonders truly represent attractions for the adventurer seeking a new experience. Our programme involves acclimatisation climbs to 4000m near Tehran; followed by a climb on Demavand, Iran ( and Asia's ) highest volcano. In the summer, the peak by the normal route does not require technical ice boots or crampons and represents an excellent trekker's summit. You will need to have high altitude camping and trekking experience in the 4000-5000m range. Cultural extensions to the cities of Isfahan or Shiraz can be tagged as optional extras. South Col Adventures completed a traverse of the longest ridge on Damavand in 2006

Approx 12 days, June - Aug. minimum group size = 2

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